Garden Apt Guest Information

Laundry Facilities:   The laundry facilities are located between Unit 22 and Unit 23.

Trash:  Please keep recyclable items separate from garbage.  The trash cans are located in the ground right outside the door of your condo.  There are two recycling bins located throughout the site outside the front doors along the driveway side of the villas.  Please locate and utilize these bins to dispose of recycling items properly.

Please conserve energy:  Do not leave patio doors, front or back doors, and /or windows open while the air conditioning is on.  It can freeze up the air conditioning system if it is overtaxed.

Departure Procedures:  Housekeeping appreciates your cooperation in placing dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  Please place soiled linens together in the bathtub.  All trash is to be taken out of the unit and disposed of properly.  Extremely untidy or dirty units may result in a additional charges if additional time is required to clean the apartment upon your departure.  Please lock the condo on your way out and leave the keys with the front office staff in the key drop box.

Jamaica Royale Housekeeping TIPS for the Summer Heat

Air Conditioning: When using the A/C, please do not adjust the temperature lower than 72 degrees. If that is not cool enough, decrease it gradually so as not to overtax the A/C unit. We ask that you do not run the A/C with the doors, sliding glass doors, or windows open.

Refrigeration: It takes up to 24 hours for refrigerators to catch up to the correct temperature when adding warm food to an empty refrigerator. Avoid opening the door often, and please do not adjust the settings. After 24 hours, if you feel there is an issue with cooling, please notify the rental office.